Surgery operates from our surgical facility from Monday to Friday where sterile procedures such as speys, castrations, lump removals and abdominal surgery are performed.

It is very important to us that your pet is safe whilst under anesthetic, so we use rapidly acting anesthetic agents, as well as a trained veterinary nurses to constantly monitor heart rate, respiration rate, all vital signs, and blood pressure.

Surgery is much safer these days than it was in the past. This is due to improved anesthetic agents and more advanced procedures and equipment. In recovery, the patient is monitored very carefully by the veterinary and nursing staff. The whole procedure is very much like it is in human hospitals with human patients. Another important part of modern surgery is the use of pain relief. The new pain relieving medications are very effective and safe. Your animal companion will receive exactly the sort of pain relief which he or she requires. We also regularly use Intravenous Fluids in our surgical patients that is required - it too adds to the safety of surgery and anesthesia.

Pre-anesthetic Blood testing is also available for older or unwell/medical condition patients or just for your piece of mind. 


Please call (03) 9370 1900 to speak to one of our nurses if you have any more questions