Dr Simon's Tips on Socializing Your Puppy

Dr Simon's Tips on Socializing Your Puppy

  • Socializing your puppy is one of the most important things you can do to help him/her develop normally.

  • Dogs need to be heavily socialized in the first SIX MONTHS of life. You should start socializing your puppy as soon as possible.

  • Dogs should be socialized with lots of humans (children/male/female etc.) and other dogs (not just other family dogs) and preferably cats too if possible.

  • Mix your dog in a safe environment with FRIENDLY dogs/pups that will not scare or frighten your dog.

  • Puppy schools are very helpful. Also mix your dog with neighbour’s, friend’s and relative’s dogs (if they are friendly).

  • Some people wait TOO LATE to socialize. As long as your puppy has had the FIRST vaccination, you should start mixing him/her with other vaccinated pups/dogs (avoid parks and unvaccinated dogs until your pup has had all her immunizations).

  • Vaccinations are given at 6-8 weeks, 12 weeks, and 16 weeks.

  • If your puppy shows fear, anxiety, or aggression early on – See the vet immediately! These

    early problems can often be fixed if you ACT FAST.

  • Teach your pup to be calm and relaxed by focussing attention and food rewards on him when he is already calm and relaxed. This will help him/her develop normally. 

  • Make sure you teach your pup to be relaxed by touching his feet, mouth, ears, and tail several times a day while giving him/her a reward for being calm.