Small animal soft tissue surgery

File:Gaucho - post-surgery dog cone.jpg

Small animal soft tissue surgery available includes but not limited to:

  • Routine desexing operation

Spey, Mature/Onheat/Pregnant Spey, Castration, Cryptorchid etc...

  • Investigation/removal of skin masses
  • Stitch ups for lacerations
  • Abscess draining
  • Aural Hematomas
  • ...and much more!

All patients are given pain relief and antibiotics on each visit.

Buster collars or 'The Cone of Shame' are also available for purchase to ensure surgery sites are kept clean and safe.

Clients are also given the opportunity to have Blood tests (many options available) and Intravenous Fluid Therapy for all surgery undertaken. All patients are monitored via our qualified nursing staff for each procedure as well, ensuring heart rate; oxygen levels, body temperature and blood pressure are all kept in safe ranges. We also take each surgery on a case by a case by case basis and let you customize your needs to ensure you feel safe and confident that the best is done for your pet on their big day. 

*Please speak to our nursing team if you have any questions in regards to safe anesthesia and what we can do for you.